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Pillaging, Plundering, Looting


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Name:Dizzy Dirty Sweet
Birthdate:Jan 9
Location:United States of America
Pillaging, plundering, looting...

That's right, a pirate.
I'm also a *age redacted to protect the innocent*-year old woman who devotes way too much of her life to geekery and crafting. My geekery includes POTC (duh), Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, (and most anything Joss Whedon has created), Neil Gaiman's epic collection of works, Dune, and too many other fandoms to name. My craftiness abounds, from spinning yarn to crochet to leatherwork, although I'm far too lazy to actually do any of that stuff for a living. Amongst all this craziness, I do attend college, and my current objective is to obtain fluency in Italian (since, well, that's what my degree is going to be. Someday). Every now and then, I put pen to paper and discover that somewhere beneath all the frilly layers, I am a writer.
A Pirate Captain, if you will.
Human Rights
♥ Liberal activism
♥ Fandom
♥ Steampunk fashion, but only in moderation
♥ Yaoi
♥ Spinning wheels
♥ huge stockpiles of yarn and leather
♥ The Starks (Although in my heart of hearts, I do believe that Tyrion and Daenerys should rule the world together)
♥ Enforcing the Pirates' Code
♥ Music that moves your heart and soul
♥ All things Roman, Italian, or Celtic
♥ Tattoos
♥ Paganism
♥ Cylons

♠ Republicans
♠ The Royal Navy
♠ Alien Invasion
♠ Using religion as an excuse
♠ Stupid people
♠ Emo Kids
[personal profile] nightwindows - My writing journal. Has my [info]drabbles100table, as well as my [info]fanfic100table.
Showin' me colors

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6x2, ancient history, ancient ireland, ancient rome, angst, anthropology, arianrhod, astronomy, batman beyond, batman the animated series, battlestar galactica, being nerdy, bodices, books, bookselling, borgias, brian froud, british zombies, bruce/terry, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, cats, celtic knotwork, celtic lore, clamp, corsets, cows, coyote, creative writing, creativity, crochet, cylons, david bowie, disney, doom, douglas adams, drabbles, dragons, drama, dune, duo maxwell, eddie izzard, evangelion, fae, fanfiction, fantasy, fiber arts, fiction, firsty, fluency, freddy mercury, fruits basket, gaius baltar, garb, gay men, george r r martin, gilmore girls, good omens, gravitation, grease, greek mythology, green tea, gundam wing, harrison ford, harry potter, heavy metal, history, hitchhiker's guide, hot chocolate, icons, ireland, irony, italian, italy, jack sparrow, japanese, jareth, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, kilts, labyrinth, languages, leather, leatherworking, lemons, life, linguistic anthropology, linguistics, lugh, manga, miyazaki, monty python, mornings of gold, mother ocean, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, nerv, novels, ogham, paganism, peace, photography, photoshop, pink floyd, pirates, quantum leap, queen, queer as folk, rain, rainbows, reading, renaissance faires, rent, ritual, rocky horror picture show, role playing, roma, roman ruins, sailor moon, science fiction, scotland, scrubs, shounen ai, singing, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, smut, song of ice and fire, sound & fury, space, sparrington, spartacus, spike, spinning yarn, spirituality, spuffy, stephen colbert, strawberries, sunsets, swords, tarot, tattoos, tea, the goo goo dolls, the ocean, the starks, the targaryens, theater, tyrion lannister, unicorns, venice, water, willy wonka, writing, yaoi, zombies,
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